Glacial Boomerang

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Glacial Boomerang

Glacial Boomerang.png


Type: Weapons

Melee damage: 40

Attack speed: 3.33

Knockback: 100

Attack range: 2000

Attack velocity: 180

Broker value: 180 Coin Currency.png

The Glacial Boomerang is crafted using Glacial Bars and Glacial Shards. When thrown they release 2 projectiles that can be controlled by holding down the attack button and moving around the cursor. This makes them excellent for targets that move around a lot.

It's the best Pre Sage and Grit boomerang.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Glacial Boomerang.png Glacial Boomerang (1) Glacial Bar.png Glacial Bar (12)Glacial Shard.png Glacial Shard (5) Advanced Workstation.png Advanced Workstation