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Type: Critters

Health: 350

Ores corresponding to the underground biome it is found in.

The Caveling is a non-hostile critter and it disguises as a rock in Caves and Deep Caves. It runs when it detects a player nearby and when killed drops the best ores from the biome it was killed in. In Deep Caves it can sometimes drop Life Quartz instead.


Forest Caves === Copper Ore, Iron Ore or Gold Ore

Snow Caves === Gold Ore or Frost Shard

Desert Caves === Gold Ore or Quartz

Swamp Caves === Gold Ore or Ivy Ore

Deep Forest Caves === Tungsten Ore or Life Quartz

Deep Snow Caves === Tungsten Ore, Frost Shard, Life Quartz or Glacial Ore

Deep Desert Caves === Tungsten Ore, Life Quartz, Quartz or Ancient Fossil Ore

Deep Swamp Caves === Tungsten Ore, Life Quartz or Mycelium Ore