Wood Shield

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Wood Shield


Type: Trinkets

Attack speed: 1

Effects: +2 armor
Equip and hold Use to block incoming attacks
Prevents 40% of damage taken
Consumes stamina when used

Broker value: 100

The Wood Shield allows the user to block 40% of the first attack that hits the player.

Blocking consumes stamina, which is indicated in the buffs list. You can block for 2 seconds before running out and regeneration from zero to full stamina takes 3 seconds. There is a small cooldown before stamina regeneration starts when you stop blocking. If you use all your stamina, this cooldown is bigger and it disables any stamina usage until you have all your stamina back again. If the block is successful The Player will block 40% of the damage and stamina will drop to 0.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Wood Shield (1)  Any Log (10) Iron Bar (2)  Workstation


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Hardened Shield (1)  Wood Shield (1) Iron Bar (10) Leather (10)  Iron Anvil

0.21.28 - Introduced