Roasting Station

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Roasting Station


Type: Crafting Stations

Broker value: 10

The Roasting Station is a Crafting Station used to roast meat and Common Fish. Must be placed on top of a Campfire.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Roasting Station (1)  Any Log (4) Iron Bar (4)  Workstation

Used to craft[edit]

Result Ingredients
 Roasted Fish (1)  Any Common Fish (1)
 Roasted Rabbit Leg (1)  Rabbit Leg (1)
 Roasted Duck Breast (1)  Duck Breast (1)
 Roasted Frog Leg (1)  Frog Leg (1)
 Roasted Mutton (1)  Raw Mutton (1)
 Roasted Pork (1)  Raw Pork (1)
 Steak (1)  Beef (1)