Glacial Greatsword

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Glacial Greatsword


Type: Weapons

Melee damage: 106

Attack speed: 5

Knockback: 150

Attack range: 130

Broker value: 280

Attack sprite

Glacial Greatsword uses a charged attack. An effect will play around the player at each, of the 3, levels of charge.

The Glacial Greatsword will not attack unless charged to level 1. At level 2 it gets x1.5 damage and at level 3 it gets x2 damage.

However, it takes a longer time to get from level 1 to levels 2 and 3 than it does to get to level 1 in the first place. So if you want to optimize damage per second with the Glacial Greatsword, you should only charge it to level 1.

It's the best Greatsword in the game!


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Glacial Greatsword (1)  Glacial Bar (20) Glacial Shard (12)  Advanced Workstation

0.21.28 - Introduced