Druids Greatbow

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Druids Greatbow


Type: Weapons

Ranged damage: 88

Attack speed: 1.8

Knockback: 100

Attack range: 800

Attack velocity: 300

Tooltip: Charges up to fire
Shoots petals that split mid air
Shoots arrows

Broker value: 800

Attack sprite

Druids Greatbow is a bow found in Deep Swamp chests, or crafted at the Fallen Workstation. This bow shoots petals that periodically split in mid air.

Druids Greatbow uses a charged attack. When fully charged an effect will play around the player.

If the Druids Greatbow is not fully charged it will have reduced damage, knockback, attack range, and projectile velocity.

If not full charged the Druids Greatbows petals will only split once.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Druids Greatbow (1)  Bio Essence (20)  Fallen Workstation


v. 0.21.28:

  • Introduced.