Minecart Track

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Minecart Track


Type: Other Tiles

Attack speed: 1

Tooltip: Can be placed

Broker value: 0.5

The Minecart Track is a Tile that can be placed. Players can use a Minecart to travel along the rails, its possible to make Island transport systems by utilising this.


Result Ingredients Crafting Station
 Minecart Track (10)  Iron Bar (1) Any Log (1)  Workstation


v. 0.21.28: Fixed items sinking through minecart tracks when they are placed on liquid.
v. 0.21.22: Stack size is now 250
v. 0.21.21: Added minecart tracks to other biomes than forest caves, tracks are now craftable and able to be picked up
v. 0.21.18: Introduced.